Amino Liquid


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are important for repairing muscle tissue and supporting their growth.

But many amino acid supplements require you to swallow impossibly large pills several times a day. Universal removes that hassle by creating a powerful amino acid product in liquid form… Amino Liquid!

Universal Amino Liquid is a premium liquid formula that provides your muscles with over 22,000 mg of amino acids per serving!!! – including the 3 BCAAs and 9 Essential Amino Acids for building lean muscle mass and improving athletic performance.

Your body builds more muscle in an anabolic state. Universal Amino Liquid specializes in promoting anabolism and ensuring that your muscles are well-protected from catabolism, keeping them on a steady track leading to maximized growth and development.

Healthy amounts of Vitamin B6 are also added to further enhance its effectiveness. Vitamin B6 improves your body’s absorption and utilization of Amino Acids to pave the way for superior muscle and strength gains. It also helps strengthen your immune function and support optimal nerve health.

Increase your amino acid intake and be on your way to building massive muscle mass with Universal Amino Liquid!

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